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What Our Clients Say

“Building our new home at 1870 Neil Street, Oak Bay, was an enjoyable building experience with Gary Sandhu Developments. From craftsmanship to reliability, Gary took initiative in each stage of the building process from start to finish. The way Gary built the home was according to the demographics of Oak Bay, with each inch of space used to perfection. Gary Sandhu Developments were not only able to impress us with his build quality but was able to have our new home ready one month before the deadline.”

-Tracy Huang

“Gary has a fine array of talents from his own quality work to the excellent networking of his tradesman and subcontractor, who coordinated and consistently kept us involved from the start of the build. No decision was made without our input. Furthermore, Gary went out of his way to make sure what we wanted in our dream home was available to us. This is our second home we have built with Gary. Thank you Gary for going out of your way for completing our home on 562 Bezanton Way, Triangle Mountain.”

-Tony Kocijancic

“Renovating our house with Gary has been a great experience. He was easy to communicate with, valued our time, and more importantly, he cared about the quality of our house as much as we did. Gary is a craftsman who cares about every detail that goes into building a house. He exceeded our expectations of our home at 4081 Cedar Hill.”

-George and Maria Surdu

“This is our first time building with Gary, without a doubt he has not only is a renowned builder but a good, honest individual to build homes with. Our past few homes we have built with other builders, but we have not had this much customization before. Gary walked us through step by step the build process and went out of his way to guide us through different showrooms and products we did not know were available to us before. Gary Sandhu Developments definitely helped us find our nest on 956 Gade Road, Bear Mountain.”

-Loren Chahal